What If I Could Show You...

How To Create & Grow Your Private Practice in 90 Days or less...

Confidently & Profitably

without the tech nonsense or content overwhelm.

You are ready. Say hello to your freedom life

I'm going to address all your "What ifs?" around creating & growing a private practice. I'll show you my proven, systematic approach to help you solve the individual obstacles for your business.

Whatever doubts and challenges are holding you back from getting started, it's time for you to act NOW. Start NOW. Get results NOW. Because, believe it or not, you ARE ready NOW! My Private Practice Accelerator™ (aka PPA program) will show you exactly how to take action to get the results you want and need, in record time. 
I'm inviting you to work closely with me, so I can help you implement the strategies and help you discover your unique voice while creating your practice in record time and make money in a way that works for you. 

It's an amazing feeling when you SAY you're going to do something and then actually DO it. I'm inviting you to enroll in my Private Practice Accelerator™️ to become the version of yourself who said, "I DID IT!"

Do you know what it feels like when you SAY you're going to do something and actually DO it?

It's crazy to think that this all started with my vision and a promise to myself!

Imagine all the crazy things we can accomplish in this world, when we 
Keep Our Word To Ourselves.

And listen—if you are thinking this sounds over the top or too good to be true, remember that every successful business owner had to start from somewhere...




We are all valuable. And we are ready now.

Are You Ready?

I have a new "What If" question for you--

What if you knew you could not fail? What would you do?

With me by your side, we will take the leap together to create your success story. I’ve been in your shoes—I know what it takes to get you there—and I’ll be with you every step of the way! 

You may be thinking : 

What if my industry is saturated? How am I supposed to compete?

Here’s a little known secret that all the most successful entrepreneurs understand:

Even if you're in a "saturated" market, your practice will be unique because it's YOURS. It's based on your story, your experiences, and skills. No one else has your story!

When you join Private Practice Accelerator™️, I'll show you that your practice begins with your story. That's the key to making a one-of-a-kind practice. Your practice and how you treat is specific to your unique life experiences. That's the key to creating the foundations that no one else in the nation will offer.

It starts with your story

Not sure how to tell your story? Unsure of how to tell it in a way that will resonate with people?

I can help.

Inside my Private Practice Accelerator™️ program, one of the first things I help you to do is uncover your story and use it to create the foundations of your practice that can help your patients/clients.

Chances are, you're the first in your family or circle of friends to be interested in creating & growing a private practice, being a brand, or wanting access to more freedom life in your life...

I created Private Practice Accelerator™️ program for "firsts" like you and me...

Ready? Let's Get It!



A LIVE program to help you create & grow your practice confidently & profitably --with low tech and no excess content to overwhelm you!


Step-by-step videos to help you create & grow
your practice in 90 days

I'm so thorough and detailed with my instructions and resources inside Private Practice Accelerator™️ that there's little room for mishaps.

The road to your success involves doing the work to get the results and I'll be here holding your hand and supporting you every step of the way.


Live 24/7 support in our private community of professionals from around the world

Connect with accountability partners in all different stages of business.

Learn what's working (& not working) for other professionals in various fields


Getting stuck? Join me on our group coaching calls, and we'll workshop your roadblocks and tackle the areas you need help with.
Can't make it to the group calls? We can also work 1:1!

Celebrate your wins each week and set new goals for the upcoming week. You'll really enjoy our supportive community full of experts.

Receive tailored support during our weekly Live Q&A calls.

I'm 100% ALL IN to making sure you succeed in turning your expertise into a 
successful private practice.

14- Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join Private Practice Accelerator™️, follow our method for 14 days, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you launch successfully.

Have you ever been "on the verge of" or "about to" start your private practice, and haven't yet for far too long?

What's holding you back?

Here are the kinds of stories I hear from my clients all the time: 

1. "I don't have TIME to create the practice"

2. "I don't know anything about the TECH setup"

3. "I don't have an audience, so I won't get any 
patients/clients or TRACTION"

And I get it. I hear you and I see you where you’re at and everything that’s holding you back. Mostly, though, I’ve heard it all before and I KNOW you're ready RIGHT NOW to 
create & grow your practice.

You just need someone to help you, to guide you, to show you the way!

Your "What ifs" are preventing you from achieving your dreams, but those What ifs come from a place of fear—of change, of failure, of finally realizing how successful you can be. Those What ifs are keeping you in your comfort zone—a place that will never allow you to excel or to grow something amazing using your story and your skill set. 

I'm here to tell you that I got to where I am today because I heard the "What ifs...?" of uncertainty, and I leaped anyway.

There's an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago...but the 2nd best time, is NOW."

Next time you get excited about starting your practice and all those What ifs start creeping in, try some of these simple mindset affirmations to remind yourself what's possible when you take the leap and join me to create & grow your practice:

"Sight only sees the present

Vision sees the future

Sight sees where you're at

Vision sees where you're going

Sight sees present problems

Vision sees future possibilities

Sight tells you why you can't

Future tells you why you CAN

Sight often produces disparity

Future produces hope for a promise

Sight reminds you of your past

Future talks about your future"

You see, TIME is not the problem. The issue is not having a system, a proven framework, and a coach to help you leverage your TIME so you can get it done.

I also don't want you to spend months creating a website, writing up procedure templates, landing pages, learning how to create social media ads, and complicated funnels. That’s time-consuming research that I’ve already done for you. Info I already have dial-led in. 

I want you to be able to focus on your patients and clients and the important aspects of your business, like high-quality care, attention to detail and excellent service. 

When there's no system in place to create the foundations of your practice, you look left and right on what to do. When there's no proven framework to launch your practice, you don't know how to do it. When you have no coach to go to to get your questions answered, you won't see where you require tweaks and adjustments to launch your practice waayy sooner than later.

In summary: You get the BLUEPRINT to profitably 
create & grow your private practice!


✔️ EMAIL LIST-BUILDING: 7-day Email List Builder ($497 value)

✔️ PRACTICE LAUNCH BREAKDOWN: Get the EXACT system to build your business brand faster ($5997 value)

✔️ REACTIVATION SYSTEM: Get the EXACT follow-up sequence on how I boosted my clients #bookedappts, walkins and #buttsinseats ($2997 value)

✔️ LIVE SESSION WITH ME: We'll set up your Marketing Machine ($750 value). 



What if I don’t have the money?
You say you don’t have the money to pay for this course, well this is exactly why you need it. If you don’t have the money to pay for this course then you probably don’t have the money to pay for going out to dinner, taking a vacation, or even covering your basic bills. You need this course more than the people that do have the money to pay for this course. Making money is a learned skill. And making money as a Practitioner is a specialized skill. You need to be taught how to do this, it rarely comes naturally. If you don’t start to educate yourself on how to make money now, then another year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years will go by with you spinning your wheels and wondering why you still don’t have money. How much longer do you want to go on not having money for things?
Is there a refund policy?
Yes! We offer a 14-day money back guarantee! Join the program, watch the modules, participate in the private FB community (this is a key part and required participation), and fully complete the worksheets. If you feel you have received zero value from the course, send us an email at Once we received your completed coursework, have reviewed your Facebook group interactions, and approved you have completed the required work, you’ll receive a full refund.
Do you have a payment plan? 
Yes! We can either take on full payment or break the payments down over time to save on cashflow.
Is this course right for me?
I’m sure some of you are worried this course is not right for you—Well let me tell you if you are from any other country around the globe…this course if for you. If you are a Practitioner..this course is for you. If you have 10 patients, 30 patients, or no patients…this course is for you. If you’ve been in practice 2 years or 11 years or 30 years or still in grad school…this course if for you.
This course is designed for all different Practitioners all around the globe at all different stages in their practices.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Are You Ready to Create & Grow Your Private Practice?

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